Pacamara Coffee an Exceptional Artisanal Blend


Many people need to have their caffeine to start off the day. This has caused many people to search for the perfect cup of joe. Some coffee connoisseurs are lucky enough to have coffee growing in their backyards. One of these places is in the Panama region which produces roughly one percent of the world’s coffee supply.

Like a fine wine, each blend of java is different. Before the beans are bagged and sold they are tested by java professionals. Each coffee is assessed and then scored by a universal standardized method called cupping. This is an essential process in creating a roast profile.

The cupping process allows companies to find the perfect blend to sell to coffee lovers all over the world. For instance one of the most expensive blends out there is called “Geisha.” In Japan, this blend can be purchased at around $100 a cup.

The next best blend of java is called Pacamara. This plant is small in stature compared to other plants; like Maragogype — one of pacamara’s parents. The Maragogype and Pacas coffee plants were cross-bred to create the Pacamara blend.

CoffeeThis java bean was first produced in El Salvador at the Salvadoran Institute for Coffee Research in 1958. Now, it is grown in a number of different Central American Countries.

One company that offers this tasty blend of java is Real Rain Forest Products with their Real Rainforest Coffee. The founders of this business traveled to the Panama region where they discovered the Pacamara bean. Wanting to ensure they found the best product for their company they participated in a cupping session.

Real Rain Forest products bring the exquisite Panamanian brew flavors to java lovers in the United States. The Pacamara plants can be seen everywhere among the slopes of the volcano Volcan Baru. This amazed the company’s founders — since they have never seen it in the U.S.

There are a few flavors that can be added to the Pacamara brew to entice every java lover. For example, butter or honey essence.

Recent medical studies have shown that java may hold health benefits. One study shows that coffee drinkers are more health-conscious than those who do not. According to Healthline, drinking a strong cup of java before working out could improve the exercise session.

Healthline says this is due to coffee’s ability to break down fatty acids — from fat tissues — and increase adrenaline levels. Java is also filled with zinc and antioxidants which help protect cells from diseases.  It also helps the body control blood sugar with chromium and magnesium.

Researchers have also found potassium and other vitamins in java. WebMD says that it can help fight diseases like heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s. They further state it can help with colon and liver cancer protection.

Written by Sheena Robertson


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