Negative Ions Effect on Male Infertility [Video]

Negative Ions

Scientists have been studying the possible health benefits that negative ions may hold. These studies have shown an array of health benefits. Negative ions are believed to be the invisible healer.

Researchers have found that these ions can help enhance a person’s mood, stimulate senses, improve one’s sexual drive and appetite. Negative ions can also provide relief from hay fever, bronchial asthma, allergies, sinusitis, and migraines.

Some studies have shown they can even assist post-operative burns and pains. They have been known to stimulate the reticuloendothelial system. This system contains a group of defense cells in the body that helps people resist diseases.

One study shows that negative ions have been used to treat Severe Male Infertility. In the study, the motility of spermatozoids increased from zero percent to 25 percent. This increase happened after just one month of using negative ions. Of course, these ions also improved various other parameters of the human body.

Some of the other parameters these ions help are boosting alpha brain waves and increased brain wave amplitude. This can give people a higher awareness level. Using these ions have been shown to help the oxygen absorb into blood cells, filter airborne contaminants, and oxidize serotonin.

People can increase these beneficial ions in their lives with household plants. Companies have also created devices to help people absorb more negative ions in their lives. For instance negative ion ionizers or concentrates. The concentrates can be added to any noncarbonated beverage.

Negative IonsOperating Himalayan salt lamps are another way to add these beneficial ions into one’s life. People have also burned beeswax candles or lit the fireplace to add negative ions to their homes. Running the shower or an indoor water fountain is another way to increase these ions.

Negative ions can be found in certain areas in nature. Areas like dense forests, mountains, waterfalls, and springs. People can also find them near oceans, rivers, and beaches. Scientists have also found these ions after heavy rains or storms.

These ions have been shown to have many more health benefits. Why not try them out today and see if they can help any ailments that may be troublesome.

Written by Sheena Robertson


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