Negative Ions and Indoor Water Fountains

Negative Ions

The list of benefits for negative ions inside the home seems to be growing. Scientists are continuing to gather information on what type of benefits they may hold. There have been numerous studies being conducted for at least the past 100 years.

Negative ions can be found in various places. In nature, they can be found near waterfalls, oceans, rivers, and deep forests. They can also be found after a thunderstorm, water fountains, Himalayan salt lamps, or in ultraviolet light — like sunlight.

According to studies, negative ions can help reduce depression, stress, anxiety, and digestive issues. Reports say that they can improve a person’s concentration, sleep, and the oxygenation of cell tissues. There are even some studies that say negative ions can reverse the aging process.

Negative IonsPeople can boost their negative ion intake with numerous different products. Of course like all items these products all have different ways to introduce them into everyday life. Some companies have created ionizers, generators, and concentrates to help people acquire negative ions.

People can also burn beeswax, wood, add house plants, or water fountains in their homes to increase these ions in their lives.

Many people prefer to add water fountains in their homes for numerous reasons. They are aesthetic to look at, they are soothing, and can be relaxing.

People have stated they feel zen when they are around them. So if someone is unsure if they truly believe the studies — there are many beautiful ways to add them to one’s lives.

Written by Sheena Robertson


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