Can Negative Ions Help Kill Bacteria and Viruses

Negative Ions

Humans are living in a difficult time with COVID-19, diseases, and other viruses in the air. Researchers and scientists have been rushing to find ways to help protect people. In recent studies, researchers have found that negative ions can help kill viruses and bacteria.

Everyone knows that bacteria and viruses can be spread in various different ways. Some can be passed through the air, saliva, ingestion, and through touch. This includes germ transfer from surfaces people touch.

This is why it is extremely important to consider the environment — including the air people breathe in. This has caused people to find ways to eradicate them from places where people live. Studies have found that negative ions could be used to help keep illnesses down.

Negative IonsPeople have been placing air ionizers into hospitals, schools, and office buildings to help keep the air clean. Others find different ways to enhance their bodies with negative ions. For instance, adding negative ions to non-carbonated drinks or using a Himalayan salt lamp.

Studies have found that positive ions can negatively affect people’s lives. Unfortunately, positive ions are found in abundance in areas with high air pollution, near electronic devices, toxic chemicals, pollen, pet dander, and mold.

HVAC systems have enhanced their units to emit ions to help kill bacteria, mold, and viruses. Devices like these can help filter the air from dander, allergens, and dust. This can help control odors, making the air feel clean.

Researchers are continuing to study the health benefit that negative ions may hold. There have been no side effects listed for negative ions. However, its counterpart — positive ions — has been shown to increase anxiety, cause illnesses, and other issues.

Written by Sheena Robertson


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