Ways to Increase Negative Ions

Negative Ions

One of the best ways to soak up some negative ions is to simply go outside. Nature holds both positive and negative ions in the air. Negative ions are found in abundance near the mountains, rivers, beaches, waterfalls, and forests. They are even found in sunlight or during a thunderstorm.

Many people have noted being around these areas have lightened their moods. Scientists attribute this to the effects of negative ions.

Negative IonsDespite its opposite sounding name — negative ions have shown to have health benefits. Researchers have found these ions can help lower people’s depression.  They have also discovered that negative ions can help kill some viruses and mold.

Studies have shown these ions can also benefit the digestive system, boost people’s energy levels, and increase the mood chemical called serotonin. This is the chemical that helps make a person feel happy.

Many people have stated that these ions can make them feel rejuvenated and refreshed. These benefits have made people seek ways to increase their exposure to negative ions.

Some people have purchased Himalayan salt lamps, ionizers, and concentrates to add to their beverages. Researchers are continuously searching for other benefits that negative ions may hold. At this time researchers have not found any side effects to these ions.

Unlike positive ions which can suppress one’s immune system and impair brain function. People exposed to positive ions have reported having difficulty breathing, high anxiety, nausea, and poor concentration.

The unfortunate part is that positive ions are found in cell phones, computers, fluorescent lights, and television. In nature, these ions are found in polluted areas, dust, humidity, and strong winds.

These are the reasons why people have sought ways to increase the beneficial negative ions in their lives.

Written by Sheena Robertson


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