Negative Ions Versus COVID-19

negative ions

For many years there have been various studies on the effects of negative ions. In recent years, researchers have found that negative ions are beneficial for many reasons. Some studies show how negative ions can improve a person’s mood, alertness by boosting serotonin levels.

What Some Studies Show

In some studies, there is evidence that negative ions can help boost the immune system. A Scots health campaigner has stated there is a pressing need for more studies on the use of ionizers. In recent studies, negative ions have been proven to be useful in improving environmental purifications.

Negative ions help reduce vaporous organic compounds (TVOC), haze, and PM2.5 particles. With the use of negative ions lung functions improve, immunity enhances, blood pressure can be lowered, and sleep is improved. Making people become more energetic and alert.

Researchers are now examining the effects of negative ions against COVID-19. One study is focusing on using a negative ion generator that can control the number of bacteria, fungi, and viruses in compact spaces. A company in India has been developing technology to combat the virus naturally.

Other Developments by Companies

This is not the first company to develop negative ion technology. There are some companies that have infused negative ions into their water. One company has developed a formula to concentrate negative ions, that can be added to beverages.

Negative ion studies have been conducted for over a hundred years. Scientists are interested in discovering all the various ways negative ions can benefit people’s lives. In Atlanta, Georgia, some restaurants have incorporated ionizers and high-tech air filtration systems in their facilities. They hope the new systems will help combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

Equipment that is supposed to create a plasma field of positive and negative ions have been placed throughout the facilities. These fields are supposed to filter and disintegrate pathogens by reducing the hydrogen in the air. This process causes the pathogens to break down and die. They also added ultraviolet lights to help eliminate germs and bacteria.

By Sheena Robertson


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