Drone Being Tested to Help During Pandemic [Video]


The Westport Connecticut Police Department has been working with the drone company Draganfly to create a “pandemic drone.” This drone will be able to detect body temperatures, coughing, sneezing, and heart/breathing rates from 190 feet away.

How Does It Do It?

Draganfly released a statement saying the pandemic drone will be furnished with a specialized sensor/computer vision equipment, which gives the drone the ability to monitor crowds and wherever people may work or congregate.

Connecticut has had over 19,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19. The county Westport is in, Fairfield, has at least 8,320 of those cases. Westport has reported they have 197 confirmed cases at this time.

First Selectman for Westport Jim Marpe stated, “One way to do this is to look for underlying symptoms. By teaming up with Draganfly and the UniSA team led by Defense Chair of Sensor Systems Professor Javaan Chahl, we are able to remotely look at valuable lifesaving data and better manage current and future health emergencies.”

What Is the Goal?

Authorities say the goal is to provide better monitoring support for groups at risk for contracting the virus. The software for the drone uses biometric readings to better understand population patterns allowing for quicker reaction times.

This project is called Flatten the Curve Pilot Program. Police ensure the drone does not have facial recognition technology, nor will it be used in private yards.

In a press release, Westport Police Cheif Foti Koskinas stated that drone usage is a “go-to technology” to reach “remote areas,” and requires minimal technical assistance. This technology will be able to gather valuable data, which will give officers the ability to assess and handle any situation.”

By Sheena Robertson
Edited by Jeanette Vietti


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